Shangri-La launches Rs. 200 million luxury apartments in Colombo

The Hong Kong based Shangri-La Group has launched its luxury apartments being constructed under its USD 608 million investment mixed development project at Galle Face in Colombo.

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The prices of these luxury apartments range from USD 700,000 (approximately Rs. 95 million) to USD 1.5 million (approximately Rs. 204 million) each, says Shangri-La.

According to the developers, the smallest apartment is some 1,700 square feet.

Under this Shangri-La project, 406 apartments, a luxury hotel and shopping and office complex are to be constructed.

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The luxury hotel comprises 540 rooms and the shopping complex would be 50,000 square feet in extent.

The floor extent reserved for office facilities is 125,000 square feet.

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Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo is to open during the second quarter of 2017 and the apartment complex during the final quarter of the same year.


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