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    1.Stop stressingIf you cant fix a scenario you must stop worrying about it. Worrying about anything you can’t take care of just provides more pressure into your life. You need to write down all of the issues you have to solve and cross off the ones you cannot fix and just focus on the elements you can fix.2.Quit dwellingEvery person has bad events in their life. You need to let go of the…Read More

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    A well-known statistic is that 92% of goals made in the New Year fail within the first 2 weeks of January. This happens as a large number of people who do not usually set goals begin to set goals that are unrealistic, unclear or unobtainable.A lot of these goals would not fail if they had instead followed the golden rules when creating their goals, these are:1. Make your goal using the…Read More

  • Tip 1 – Figuring our when you are most productive. Everyone has different parts of the day where they can perform at their best, this can be morning, afternoon, evening or night, it doesn’t matter which as long as you utilize this time correctly you will be able to do the majority of the work you need to do for that day. It is important you keep your best hours free to work on your goals…Read More

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