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    Tip 1 – Figuring our when you are most productive. Everyone has different parts of the day where they can perform at their best, this can be morning, afternoon, evening or night, it doesn’t matter which as long as you utilize this time correctly you will be able to do the majority of the work you need to do for that day. It is important you keep your best hours free to work on your goals as they will allow them to reach your goal in the shortest amount of time! Tip 2 – Remove distractions.10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity Distractions are the worst thing when it comes to keeping your productivity high and it is so important that you are able to focus when working on your goals and dreams. Give yourself the best chance at succeeding by eliminating these distractions and making sure others know that you are not to be disturbed. It is important to know that not only people are distracting but things you do yourself can be distracting such as checking emails, replying to text messages or listening to television or music, it is important that you can see what distracts you and remove them from your most precious hours to maximize productivity.Tip 3 – Focus on one task at a time. Whether you are at work or at home people are encouraging to multi-task but this can often do more harm than good, doing multiple tasks at once can make you stressed, confused or do work to a lesser standard all of which are bad for productivity. It’s best to focus on one task at a time and complete that task to the best of your ability before moving on, that way you are using your time as efficiently as possible without compromising on quality!Tip 4 – Plan your day the night before.It’s much easier to stay productive if you know what you are going to be doing at the start of the day. The start of your day shouldn’t be chaotic and unorganized and this can easily affect your mentality for the rest of the day which is something no-one needs to have! I find it best to organize my day ahead in the evening or night on the day before as my mind is relaxed and can think clearly and this way when tomorrow comes around I am mentally prepared for the day ahead. Remember to keep your lists small also, a long list is daunting and should be avoided to keep your spirit high, and cross of everything as you complete It to feel a sense of accomplishmentTip 5 – Do the hardest tasks first.It may seem difficult to do the hardest tasks first to begin with but once you get into the habit of this it will do wonders for your productivity, these hard tasks are the ones you worry about and doing them first means you spend less time overall worrying and worrying is bad for your productivity, finishing the hardest tasks first lets you complete the rest in record time so you have more time for you! Tip 6 – Tell others about your goals!Take advantage of the Hawthorne effect by letting the public, your friends & your family know what you’re doing, update your twitter, and update your Facebook and so on.