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    A well-known statistic is that 92% of goals made in the New Year fail within the first 2 weeks of January. This happens as a large number of people who do not usually set goals begin to set goals that are unrealistic, unclear or unobtainable.A lot of these goals would not fail if they had instead followed the golden rules when creating their goals, these are:1. Make your goal using the SMART system2. Write down your goals3. Make a plan of how to achieve themAlthough these tips seem very simple they are often not followed and therefore lead to a lot of goals failing.Make your goal using the SMART systemAs a career coach I find using the SMART system helps significantly to create goals as it ensures that your goals are realistic and obtainable. Each of the letters of SMART refers to its own check point.S stands for specific, all goals set must be precise so you know what exactly needs to be achieved.M stands for measurable; all goals set should be measurable and ideally have milestones which you can cross off as you achieve them.A stands for achievable, if a goal isn’t attainable then you will not succeed in achieving it. Goals should be realistic but not too easy, it is important to challenge ourselves!R stands for relevant; your goals should relate to yourself and should be something that will produce a positive change in your life. This helps with motivation and making our goals meaningful.T stands for time-sensitive; you need to set dates for all your goals and the milestones within them. This helps you to stay focused.Write down your goalsWrite down your goals on a piece of paper and keep it in a place where you look often this way you will always be reminded of it and this will help you keep on track.Make a plan of how to achieve your goalsA goal without a plan is a goal that is destined to fail. You should set simple, actionable steps on how to achieve your end goal, with milestones wherever that is possible. If you are only at the beginning of a goal then the goal may seem daunting, but once you have a clear way to achieve and can start crossing of parts of the goal it becomes a lot more realistic to imagine you fulfilling it.More resources to help you:I hope you have found my advice helpful, however if you need more help you can check out my other posts on the Authentick You Blog, it includes lots of helpful guides to help you achieve your goals! All of the guides are featured are written personally by me, Maria. I am a career change coach who helps women work towards their new dream job, along with a career coach who offers career advice & trips to maximizing your happiness in your current job. You should check out my free career change ebook & career change quiz to find out if you can benefit from some of my career coaching services!