• Helena Bonham Carter wore a sparkling, crimson Swarovski crystal lip clutch by Lulu Guinness on the VH1 Swarovski Hangers Critics Choice Movie Awards red carpet this night in Los Angeles, Ca. “The King’s Speech” actress, who obtained a large amount of attention the final time she wore the Lulu Guinness lip clutch on the crimson carpet to her movie premiere in October, 2010, made certain…Read More

  • The initial bracelets date back as early as 2500 B.C. Bracelets and other add-ons, back then, were meant to signify just how rich a person was. The much more the person had jewellery on, the richer he or she was. But throughout the ages, bracelets have become powerful statements of a person’s fashion. These days, what ever the style or the spending budget, there certainly is a broad…Read More

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    The globe’s most well-known crystal is Swarovski. Swarovski crystal jewelry is extremely well-liked throughout the world as they are of good quality and come in various sizes, colors and shapes. When Swarovski is used in silver, it gives a distinctive shine. Individuals are captivated in the direction of this type of jewelry when utilized in silver and is frequently seen in wedding. It…Read More

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