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    Visit Athens and Reside in SounioWith grunge and grace, Athens is a heady mix of history and edginess. Cultural and social life plays out amid, around and in ancient landmarks. The breathtaking Acropolis, stands at the top of the city, reminds Greeks daily of their heritage and the city’s many transformations. Away from the noisy and full of life Athens, down the Attica peninsula, are more remarkable ancient monuments, such as the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, as well as very good beaches, such as those at Sounio and historic Marathon.Sounio is at the southern component of Athens Attica and is just sixty seven km away from the heart of Athens city. The view is astonishing and the surroundings is tranquil. Let’s get a stroll in Sounio through the heritage and almost everything you want to experience in Sounio and Athens today.History of SounioThe temple of Sounion sits above the beach front on a mountain that juts out into the sea and was devoted to Poseidon. In historical occasions the temple was the final indicator of civilization the Athenians observed as they sailed away from their city and the very first as they returned and even now when I sail to the islands on the ferry it is not right up until we pass the temple that I am ‘officially’ out of Athens. The selection of this spot was a excellent one. It is challenging to envision a a lot more excellent placing for an historic temple, in particular one dedicated to the god of the sea. Sightseeing in AthensAthens, the capital of Greece, is often referred to as the cradle of Western Civilization. Despite the modern financial downturn, tourism in Greece proceeds to expand and the 2500 aged Athens City continues to be one of the main draws.The archaeological promenade, a 2.5 miles long, treeline walkway now connects the Acropolis to the city’s major ancient sites making the visit to these spots infinitely a significantly more nice encounter.Travellers should go to Acropolis with Parthenon which is the most popular monument in the world, Historical Agora which consists of the Ruins of Hellen’s Stoa and Attalos and a museum and Plaka, an aged town unfold close to Acropolis.Where to Sleep – 5 star hotels in AthensThere are several 5 star hotels in Athens that blend luxury and relaxation. Also it is advisable to decide on one away from the Athens City, specially if you are looking for peaceful and quiet accommodation away from the noisy and full of visitors Athens. Sounio is a great choice for luxurious vacations, if you have in mind to visit Athens. In Sounio you can find many luxury hotels and resorts. You can rent a villa to meet luxury and relaxation accompanied with a breathtaking view of the ancient temple that will make you feel you are in heaven. The view is superb and will make your feel like residing in heaven. In Grecotel’s Cape Sounio 5 star luxury hotels in Athens, one can find marvelous villas & suites for every demanding visitor.