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    Even though thousands of babies are conceived and born every day, for many of us getting pregnant is not just a matter of snapping our fingers. As weeks become months you may begin to wonder if you are fertile. And after months or years of trying to get pregnant naturally or using assisted reproductive technology(ART) it is easy to doubt that you will ever get to hold your baby.Getting Pregnant and the Law of AttractionWhen preparing for pregnancy or taking care of yourself once pregnant most of our energy goes on ‘outer’ actions like eating well, taking nutritional supplements and maybe even using non toxic personal care products. The reality is that you can ‘do’ as much as you want but the universe and the Law of Attraction are responding to what is going on at an INNER level in your vibration (at the level of thoughts and beliefs).Miscarriage and the Law of AttractionI know from personal experience of having 3 miscarriages. I was doing everything right on the outside… eating organic, getting acupuncture, using safe cleaning products and lots more. Still 3 babies died in my womb. Even before we were trying to conceive I was working with the law of attraction. I had my vision board. I was visualizing and affirming and still I attracted challenges in my fertility.Why? Because at an INNER level I had blocks to success in my fertility. I had lots of (seemingly irrelevant) thoughts and beliefs that were just not compatible with success in pregnancy. I knew that I had to do something if I was ever going to have a baby. And I did.