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    With lines of continuous renewals of innovation, numerous running systems user interfaces and super processor mobile phones are pertaining to market. It is not a simple task to pick a smartphone among a variety of smartphones.This year, a number of smart devices have currently flooded the marketplace and numerous are yet to come. If you are aiming to purchase a brand-new best mobile phone for you then you need to keep few things in your mind.Operating System: There exist five most famous operating systems in the age of smart devices. These five OS are iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Bada. In all these smartphone operating systems, there’s something for everybody (although, there is still a strong physical similarity between a lot of gadgets, unfortunately), all expectations and all prices. At this time, Android OS mobile phones are verdict in the market due to the fact that of their flexibility and on other hand iOS (Apple Smartphone running system) is considered as the best os. Apple smart devices are however more expensive than the majority of Android smart devices.Show and its size: Mobile phone display screen technology is going through a terrific revolution. On a monthly basis, a brand-new display smart device strikes the market. You must examine the display of the phone you are going to purchase that it must not have short viewing angles, contrast that prevents any particular reading in direct sunlight, etc. Presently AMOLED, Super AMOLED display screen, IPS HD and Retina display are ruling. I would recommend you to go with a smart device atleast with display test accessoires resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. Inning accordance with all the analysts, 4 inches sized smartphones are considered standard sized smartphones. Now a pattern has come to keep a smartphone having atleast 4.7 inches display.Ergonomics: A lot of phones have excellent ergonomics, which makes sure a pleasant grip and a smooth design. Don’t hesitate to take the mobile in hand, particularly if your heart favors a terrific smartphone with more than 4 inches, that’s a trend. Test the keyboard, virtual or physical, especially if you consume a great deal of SMS and emails.The multimedia abilities: The photo is one of the most utilized multimedia operate. Although the quality of the sensors has greatly enhanced, the general returns are still really variable. It is plainly seen to be a pattern: a handful of smartphones use a great quality picture, often equivalent to a compact, entry/ midrange. Practice to shoot on the fly slices of life and share photos immediately with his people (MMS, Facebook, Twitter …).Applications: All smart devices are supported by store applications, these little programs and video games that improve the phone and can shape it in its sauce. All running systems therefore gain from kiosk apps more or less busy. Top trimmed? The Apple AppStore and Google Android Market. The BlackBerry Shop enriched gradually, like the store of Microsoft for its Windows Phone OS.