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    In order to help their people save on energy cost and help save mother earth, countries across the globe are trying to reach out to homeowners and are trying to convince them replace the traditional incandescent bulbs with compact light bulbs. Other countries even created laws and banned them. Traditional incandescent lamps are getting obsolete these days, they are too much energy-inefficient, people today can choose between two types of bulbs that are energy efficient and that will last for a very long period of time which is the LED light bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs.CFLs were introduced to the public in the past years and they have already received a lot of negative and positive comments from the public. Compact Bulbs have already proven what they can do, they are energy efficient as they only use 80% less energy compared to the traditional bulbs and they are also capable of producing the same quality of light other light bulbs produce.Today, there is a new kind of light that are introduced to the public which is the LED light. LED lights are actually used in many different applications. These brand new types of bulbs are said to use way less energy than their counterparts and experts say that they will last for a longer period of time compared to other types of light bulbs. One disadvantage in using this kind of light is that it is not capable of producing same quality of light as incandescent and fluorescent lamps. However, experts are trying to find ways on how to produce LED lamps that are very bright. But, today you can already see LED everywhere, like in traffic lights; clock, cars and even aircraft make use of them.If you are led tube light planning to change or set-up new lights at home then you should really think about the benefits and long term effects of these lights to you, your home and your family. Plus you also have to see to it that you are purchasing and making use of the right kind of light for your needs. You can easily find energy efficient bulbs at your local store, but if you want more comfort then you can find one online, you can browse through many online retailers and get the best deals on light bulbs. At times energy efficient bulbs will cost you more but just think about the benefits it offers and the savings you will enjoy.