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    Interestingly, in some countries TKI availability just isn’t a correlate with the economic output. As a consequence of loose regulations and simply available low cost imatinib generics, some Pacific-Asian nations have even higher TKI coverage than some Western nations that pay the complete patented drug price tag [42]. Even throughout 2010?013 period the accessibility of TKIs for sufferers 75 was much smaller sized (18 ) than for younger population (81 of 80 of CML patients aged 75 received TKIs [12]. Overall CML survival, when treated with TKIs, was shown to become more dependent around the quantity of comorbidities than on patient’s age [44]. Our data demonstrates that individuals 75 presenting with CML have markedly worse ECOG functionality status than younger patients and this may possibly underlie physicians’ choice to withhold the TKI therapy. Having said that, only 60 of 65?four year old CML individuals, who had significantly better overall performance status, had been prescribed imatinib. There may well effectively be a bias among doctors to withhold the pricey treatment from elderly individuals using a view of reserving it for the younger. Having said that, studies show that elderly CML sufferers advantage from TKI remedy nearly as a lot as younger individuals and age has no objective role as a choice criteria for the TKI remedy [45].Conclusion In Lithuania crude CML incidence matched the European averages after strict genetic diagnostics criteria had been implemented. Relative CML survival improved from 2000?004 to 2010?013 period and was paralleled by the increasing availability of TKI therapy. CML patients in Lithuania had much better relative survival than the Eastern European typical, but reduce than CML patients jir.2011.0094 in a lot more affluent nations, exactly where TKI penetrance was greater. Individuals above 75 years hardly ever received TKIs and their relative survival remained low throughout the observation period. Added fileAdditional file 1: Supplemetary material supplying detailed information on age group-specific CR and ASR (W) of CML incidence and mortality, timeperiod specific Kaplan-Meier survival curves and ECOG efficiency status of different patient groups. (PDF 766 kb) Abbreviations ASR(W): age-standardized rate (weighted); CML: chronic myelogenous leukaemia; CR: crude rate; HESS: Haematological illness monitoring method; HSCT: Haematological stem cell transplant; RSR: relative survival price; TKI: tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Competing interests s13415-015-0346-7 The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Authors’ contributions TB shaped the style with the study, analyzed the information and drafted the manuscript; IT SCH 530348 price contributed to shaping the study design and style and data collection; TZ ?collected the data, performed statistical evaluation and contributed to drafting the manuscript; RG ?collected the information and revised the manuscript; MJ ?collected the information and revised the manuscript; LG ?contributed in designing the study, collecting and analyzing the data and writing the manuscript. All authors have read and authorized the manuscript. Authors’ facts Authors did not get any precise funding to conduct the study. Acknowledgements We would like to acknowledge Dr. Jurate Daubariene from Panevezys Hospital, Dr. Danguole Ramanauskiene from Siauliai Hospital.