Status of Work Safety in Sri Lanka

Some of you may know I’m a designer living and working in Singapore for a while now. Recently I have done a website to a scaffolding company in Singapore. When I was doing that project I get some basic knowledge in worker safety in this country. And how serious they are. Companies here are scared to death because of the government safety requirements and they follow every step to make there employees safe. During that project I have to take some pictures from their construction sites. They are not like bad condition with holes or anything many of them are almost finishing stage. But just for me to go in there and take picture for like two hours, they basically give me a one hour safety course. LOL. best of all I have to wear their full gear to go inside.

I was frustrated in the end and just want to finish that project and get out . Then I thought wait a minute almost entire construction workers here in Singapore are foreigners. why would the government want these guys to be safe. Infect all of these companies are Singaporean companies. They spend lot of money on these safety measures. Why they care about these forging workers in anyway. Then I found out the compensation amount these companies pay if anyone get work related injuries. That was a huge lump sum. $$ . So I thought to write an article about work safety and how can we improve in our country. First I want to know our current guide lines . So I start researching online to see what are the guide lines are. Days of searching  got me nothing. I even get a porn site link searching for work safety in Sri Lanka!. :) (If anyone wants to know it was wired). Anyway. So I realize, I couldn’t find anything because there isn’t any work safety there. None.

Then I was going to write about implementing real work safety rather than just only putting big sign boards on the work place and also we must do this, we must do that. In Singapore they have so many rules and we must also implement like them blah blah blah…. Then I found this picture. which you saw on the blog title. Which will be shown in below as well. It’s true pictures worth a thousand words isn’t it!. So it save me time lots of words. So this is the condition now. Compare it yourself.

1) A Sri Lankan Citizen a government staff working in government owned railway station.


2) Foreign workers working in Singapore


they build this scaffolding attached to the roof  just for this guys to place those things.



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    Work safety in big construction cooperations are not bad however it is nothing compared to what foreign companies do.
    The biggest problem is the Normal workers that build houses. they don’t use ANY protection. I have seen a former worker begging in the streets because he fell from the roof and now he is disabled

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