Sri Lanka launches ten-year energy sector plan for knowledge-based economy

Mar 31, Colombo: Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe Tuesday unveiled the energy sector plan for the next ten years formulated to achieve the ambitious goal of 100 percent energy self-sufficiency by 2030.

Launching the “Sri Lanka Energy Sector Development Plan for a Knowledge-based Economy, 2015-2025” at the Water’s Edge Hotel, Battaramulla this morning, the Prime Minister said the country is in need of an economy based on knowledge and it is essential to add technology into production.

Recalling that former President J.R. Jayawardena introduced the open economic system in 1977 and implemented integrated Mahaweli scheme with the aim of making Sri Lanka self-sufficient in power requirements, the Prime Minister said the aim of the present government is also to turn Sri Lanka into a strong country in the region self-sufficient in power.

Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka earlier said that the next target of the government is to make the country self-sufficient in fuel and other energy sources similar to the self-sufficiency achieved in rice production.

“We have set an ambitious goal of 100% energy self-sufficiency by 2030. As a developing economy the challenge ahead of us is enormous and I am convinced that we can reach this goal if we set our priorities right and adjust our actions along the way,” the Minister said in the introduction of the 10-year plan.

He said the government has set the plan has been made to engineer the country’s economy and the development activities to its maximum level with its own power and energy by the year 2020.

The Minister said the ten-year practical plan has been prepared with the contribution of the institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Power and Energy and the private sector a under the theme of a country self-sufficient in power.

The Minister added that this plan has been made minimizing the roles to be played by the Ceylon Electricity Board and the oil refineries.



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  1. Profile photo of Kappiya Post

    I have never seen the current PM in action before. I only heard about his work from one of my old relatives who worked under him in the Education Ministry.
    Other than that I only read recently that he was the one who ordered a city planning firm in Singapore to plan a large Megapolis in the Western Province

    I am looking forward to see him, the old guys and the new guys in action. I am kind of excited [img][/img] and kind of scared but so far they are doing really well.
    I am watching closely and try to track every development to see what will happen[IMG][/IMG]

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